Tony Thomas

Tony has worked in the removals and transport industry since leaving school. In addition to his 25 years experience, he has worked in the engineering industry, which lets him provide invaluable guidance when trying to make the impossible possible for clients!
Tony manages our office and ensures the service you receive from your initial inquiry to the completion of your relocation is stress-free and professional. He is a highly experienced manager who will go out of his way to make sure your requirements are met.

David Morris

David has extensive experience in the removals industry. He oversees the relocation of large items, antiques and other speciality items, ensuring they arrive in good condition.
He is focussed on giving clients a cost effective and satisfactory experience, whether it be residential or commercial, local or international. He has a talent for maximising logistic opportunities and often finds innovative ways to save money for clients.

Jo Tait

Jo will be your first point of contact when you call us. She is our Customer Services Officer and coordinates the day to day logistics of our office. Jo has worked in the removal industry for 20 years and is highly experienced in answering queries related to relocations – even the unusual ones!

Sally Benham

Sally specialises in giving our clients strong customer service, so they feel supported and informed throughout the moving process. Sally is largely responsible for the online enquiries and enjoys the variety of items that clients need relocating.

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