Think first

Think carefully before delivery day about the size and layout of your new residence and where you will place furniture and effects. If space is an issue, we can offer storage solutions.

Insurance vs risk

Carefully consider the need to insure compared to the risk of having no insurance. Whomever you insure with, the cost of cover is invariably far less than the potential risk.

Wooden furniture

Do not polish wooden furniture before moving day as it can cause condensation when the item is wrapped for transit.

Pot plants

Do not water pot-plants 48 hours before moving. Water may leak from these onto your furniture.


Defrost the fridge 48 hours (2 days) before moving day to allow enough time for the inside to dry. Towel dry the interior and then wipe it with vanilla essence.


If you have a fridge/freezer unit, and are only moving across town, it’s absolutely fine to leave the freezer compartment full (or even partly full). Your foods will remain frozen until the freezer can be plugged in at your new house.

Important items

One of the most frustrating things about moving house is not being able to put your hand on the important things, like the tv remote or your phone charger.

We can provide a Priority Box to overcome this problem. This bright yellow and white box is a different colour, size and style to all of the other boxes used for your removal. It keeps everything together and is loaded last so everything is easy to find in your new house.

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